John Wick (I jotted down a list of pros and cons, and yea, I’m thinkin’ I’m back.)

Because I closed my last post with a John Wick reference, it only makes sense that my first review back is, well, John Wick.

My Keanu Theory

Before I start, I have to go into my Keanu theory. After watching a good portion of Keanu Reeves’ filmography, I’ve realized that he shouldn’t touch anything outside of sci-fi and action. Think of it in these terms: His action movies (Speed, The Matrix, Constantine, etc.) are all gold; however, his attempts at dramas and rom coms (The Replacements, The Lake House, and Sweet November)…crap. Continue reading

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The Symbol that Action Movies Need: Me

fireball-422746_1280 Sometimes, after a job’s well done, the opportunity arises to stop your world-changing blog, slow everything down and recede into the comforts of normal human life. Continue reading

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Fast and Furious 6


Take one part fast cars– including souped-up, bullet-proof indy cars, one part physics-defying action and one part Dwayne Johnson‘s arms and you have a winning formula. With his federally issued Under Armour and garden-hose-sized bicep veins, the Rock has cemented himself as this generation’s  Arnold Schwarzenegger in Fast and Furious 6. Continue reading

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Drama to Action: Three actors who punched through genres

Every now and then, there’s a select few actors who dare to stray away from their typical realm of drama or comedy and opt to raise foot to ass. These actors often make the transition with a fair share of detractors. “He can’t do that,” they’ll say, “He’s an actore!” How dare these dignified gents raise choreographed fists in such an undignified manner? Well, dared they did and asses they kicked. Here’s three multidimensional action stars:


Continue reading

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Do you smell that?

It’s probably not Southern cooking, or mom’s lasagna– slightly more intense and probably packed with protein– it’s what the Rock’s cooking. Hell, if it gives you cartoon-esque muscles then give me a slice. Last week’s movie featured multifaceted asskicker Arnold, so naturally this weeks action spotlight is another diverse talent, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Collegiate football wasn’t enough, he had to give WWE a shot. Finally, the buffed up Rob Schneider tried his hand in action films, and has since kicked multitudes of ass.

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The Last Stand


He left the stage and tanning booths behind for Hollywood, and when that got old, arm-wrestled politics. Finally, after a brief hiatus, our beloved muscle-bound hero is back, fueled by his power-packed, senior-discounted Denny’s meal and brandishing his newly acquired AARP card. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the ageless wonder, is out to prove that he’s still got it in his latest effort “The Last Stand. Continue reading

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Jason “Stathammering” bad guys

This week’s spotlight is British badass Jason Statham. With his perpetual eight o’clock shadow (that looks like he shaves with a butter knife) and a voice that sounds as if his vocal cords are lined with asphalt, Statham jump kicked into the action realm with the “Transporter” series and has been knocking henchmen’s teeth out ever since. He’s also a serious frontrunner in the “bringing chest hair back” campaign. Enjoy.

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