Governate This!

The intensity of his workout routine is paralleled only by the epic nature of his accent. After kicking Hollywood’s ass for over 30 years, he decided to put politics in a chokehold. He has more one-liners in his extensive repertoire than striations in his deified pecs—well, in his Mr. Olympia days at least.  He boasts a respectable body count total of 547. His drinking game has also left a wake of bodies. Listening to him attempt to pronounce the name of the state that he govenated still makes me giggle (Cowly-foa-knee-uh). His 65-year-old body would leave Adonis searching for the nearest shirt to cover up in. At times, the most interesting man in the world drinks Dos Arnies. The man, the myth, the legend, this week’s action star spotlight is on Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here’s a montage of classic Arnold quotes to honor him.

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One Response to Governate This!

  1. Adam Danger Monk says:

    Awesome insight. And the video was hilarious.

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