Drama to Action: Three actors who punched through genres

Every now and then, there’s a select few actors who dare to stray away from their typical realm of drama or comedy and opt to raise foot to ass. These actors often make the transition with a fair share of detractors. “He can’t do that,” they’ll say, “He’s an actore!” How dare these dignified gents raise choreographed fists in such an undignified manner? Well, dared they did and asses they kicked. Here’s three multidimensional action stars:


3. Hugh Jackman

Few know it because of his prominence as an action hero since then, but the man that seems tailor-made to portray Wolverine— I mean, he really looks like the comic book character– Jackman, was actually a stage actor before dodging bullets and slaying vampires; he’s even won a Tony and has a mean set of pipes. I think what cements Jackman into the action world is his better-than-the-real-thing American accent. Dripping with grit, the Australian-born actor’s American accent would make Clint Eastwood blush. Thanks for making the leap, Hugh.


 2. Christian Bale

This brings us to one of the true thespians of the group: Christian Bale. You may have seen prepubescent Bale starring in Steven Spielberg’s “Empire of the Sun” at age 13. Since then, Bale has developed into a true “actore” (yes actore). Audiences loved to hate him as the maniacal, macabre Patrick Bateman, and wanted to get behind him as the drug-addled sob story Dicky Eklund. Eventually, after sinking his teeth into dramatic roles, Bale found his way into the “Batman” getup. Yea, his Batman voice may sound like Cookie Monster got punched in the throat, but regardless, Bale blatantly beats down and bludgeons bad guys with serious bravado. Whew.


1. Tom Hardy

Keeping with the Batman theme, the primary antagonist of “The Dark Knight Rises,” Bane (played by Hardy), was a serious bad ass. With a voice like Gandalf and a physique like Hulk, the juxtaposed villain was the highlight of the film. He brought Gotham to its knees and nearly crippled Batman, and all with a serious case of asthma–because of his mask, get it? Hardy has played a variety of characters, but mostly stayed in the drama variety with roles in miniseries and films like “Band of Brothers” and “Marie Antoinette.” Hardy eventually realized that his mountainous, football-sized traps would also be well suited for action films. Here’s to the next set of shoulder shrugs. Cheers, Hardy.         


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