Fast and Furious 6


Take one part fast cars– including souped-up, bullet-proof indy cars, one part physics-defying action and one part Dwayne Johnson‘s arms and you have a winning formula. With his federally issued Under Armour and garden-hose-sized bicep veins, the Rock has cemented himself as this generation’s  Arnold Schwarzenegger in Fast and Furious 6.

At first, the film sucked me in with what I call the “Saw Effect.” This phenomena happens when the production company pumps out sequel after sequel, leading to innocent moviegoers thinking, “well, I saw the last 15, so I guess I’ll see this one too.” The difference with “The Fast and Furious” series; however, is that somehow, contrary to Saw and other cookie cutter series, these movies get bigger and better.

The movie starts with DSS (Diplomatic Security Service) super agent Luke Hobbs (played by Dwayne Johnson) enlisting the help of former foe and car thief turned international criminal Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) to track down an even more dangerous criminal in Owen Shaw (Luke Evans). Hobbs tracks down Toretto on his private island castle in Spain and gives him an offer he couldn’t refuse. The team assembles and the action soon follows, culminating in a showdown that features the longest airplane runway in the history of airplane runways.

Yea, the film defies physics and may incur scoffs with its over-the-highway, midair Super Man grab of Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and 500-mile-long airport runway, but with so much action and suspense stuffed into two hours, who can complain? I can understand qualms with the new focus on international criminals and larger-than-life action sequences, but souped-up cars are seen throughout, and a head-to-head race in the middle of the film pays homage to the movie’s beginnings and should be enough to placate old school fans.

I have to spend some time on the Rock’s absolutely immense size. No hyperbole here, the Rock is so big, when seen next to cast members, he looks as if he’s standing among  children, and it’s rumored that he must enter doors and hallways sideways due to his ridiculous stature. Ok, maybe I made that last part up, but the guy is huge and his skin-tight athletic wear comically extenuates his buffness.

Arnold, hand over the protein shake, the grenades, the bullet belt and whatever else you can dig out of treasure trove of action goodies, the action mantle is being passed to Dwayne Johnson, and rightfully so.

Five out of five fists.

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